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Announcing: Fully Integrated Background Screening with Oracle Recruiting Cloud

Posted by Verified Credentials on Sep 19, 2023 1:34:39 PM
Verified Credentials, a trusted background screening provider and Oracle Gold Partner, now offers another integration within the Oracle Cloud HCM suite. Verified Credentials has paired our on-demand background screening solutions with Oracle Recruiting Cloud, an applicant tracking system within the Oracle HCM Cloud suite. This extension of our partnership makes it simple for teams that already use, or plan to use, Oracle Recruiting Cloud to seamlessly connect their Verified Credentials background checks. Oracle Recruiting Cloud enables employers to track and measure complete candidate information across the HR spectrum. Paired with our proprietary technology and reliable background checks, employers can create a better hiring experience from start to finish. Once our team helps you get everything up and running, your team can potentially save money, time, and even yield better-fitting candidates.

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A la Carte vs. Packages: What’s Best for Your Background Screening Process

Posted by Verified Credentials on Aug 14, 2023 11:17:25 AM
Don’t you hate that feeling when you rush and forget something on the way out of the door? If you need the same things every time you leave your home, having everything all in one place, ready to go, can make the process easier. You could say the same could about your background screening process. Individual orders for positions you regularly hire don’t have to be time-consuming. You could even limit the risk of skipping essential searches. Creating custom background check packages is a great way to address potential inconsistencies with a la carte ordering. Having preset custom packages ready to screen candidate pools is like always having a to-go bag ready.

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Announcing: End-To-End Hiring With UKG

Posted by Verified Credentials on Jul 17, 2023 1:53:38 PM
Recruiting, vetting, and hiring new employees can be time-consuming. We believe that end-to-end hiring is the future of HR. This is why Verified Credentials has added UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, and workforce management, to our growing list of integrated technology partners. Providing high-efficiency, simplified background screening solutions is one more way we put our clients first. Verified Credentials users can now seamlessly connect their employment screening with the rest of their hiring process directly through UKG's dashboard. Here are a few ways our integration with UKG is designed to improve and simplify the user experience without sacrificing results.

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Announcing: ATS Integration with PageUp

Posted by Verified Credentials on May 25, 2023 1:04:27 PM
Verified Credentials has a new partner to add to a growing list of pre-integrated solutions – PageUp. Using an applicant tracking system can help make the lives of HR professionals easier by increasing efficiency and potentially saving time to focus on other tasks. Verified Credentials clients can now recruit qualified candidates, track applicants, and screen them right from PageUp’s dashboard.

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Get In On The Conversation: Fireside Chat About Social Media Screening

Posted by Verified Credentials on Dec 21, 2022 10:10:31 AM
Clare Horvik, Vice President of Marketing for Verified Credentials, invited Ben Mones, CEO of Fama Technologies, for an interview to discuss a hot topic – social media screening.

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What Social Media Screening Is Not

Posted by Verified Credentials on Nov 17, 2022 4:08:18 PM
As a result of the widespread usage of social media, there has been increased interest in recent years regarding the new era of social media screening. Social media screening has become a vital component of the hiring process for businesses everywhere. This helpful tool has the potential to allow companies to see prospective candidates through a new lens, highlighting which people might be an ideal fit for their values and which might not. Screening social media on the front of the funnel may directly impact a company's retention and engagement strategy by capturing potentially concerning content right out of the gate.

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Protecting Candidate Privacy with Background Check Data Security

Posted by Verified Credentials on Sep 21, 2022 11:57:33 AM
When screening new candidates, employers collect a significant amount of private information. With most of this critical data stored digitally, protecting it can be challenging. Especially when compared to the physical paper files of the past. Having an effective data security protocol is key to ensuring that sensitive information does not become available to outside parties. Let's look at what employers may consider keeping data secure.

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3 Ways Background Checks Can Support Employee Retention

Posted by Verified Credentials on Jul 29, 2022 3:49:23 PM
Companies love to talk about making “investments for the future.” Whether opening a new sales office or purchasing new equipment, each move is meant to advance the company's long-term goals. The same is true for hiring new employees. Hiring managers hope the person they’re hiring will stay with the organization long-term. More importantly, they hope the hire is a lasting contributor to the company’s success. Achieving strong employee retention is more important than ever in today’s challenging hiring market. In fact, the cost of replacing a departing employee can be up to 200% of the position’s salary.

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Background Check Discrepancy Rates: Where Records May Be Found

Posted by Verified Credentials on Jul 14, 2022 1:30:35 PM
A discrepancy is when two pieces of information don’t line up. Where there should be agreement, there’s confusion or ambiguity. In other words, a discrepancy happens when something isn’t quite right. The same is true for background check discrepancies. These could include situations where a piece of information from a candidate’s profile is missing, couldn’t be verified, or a record came back that requires review. Background check discrepancies are not necessarily bad, but they could indicate that something may warrant further attention.

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Screening On the Go: The Mobile Candidate Experience for Background Screening

Posted by Verified Credentials on May 26, 2022 8:00:00 AM
Screens matter – screen size that is. Most people live on their phones. The average person in the U.S. checks their phone 344 times per day, roughly once every four minutes. For many job applicants, that may be doubly true. They are flipping screen-to-screen, filling out applications, scheduling interviews, and vigilantly watching for updates (and offers!) from HR teams. In 2020, mobile job applications surpassed desktop for the first time. That accounted for nearly 61% of all applications submitted, according to Appcast. As an HR professional, it’s your job to meet candidates where they are. You need to create the type of experiences that help attract and retain top talent. If candidates prefer a mobile experience, why not consider making your screening process as mobile-friendly as possible? Here’s a look at some tools and features that might help you create a positive mobile-first candidate screening experience.

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