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The latest: social media screening
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Learn what social media screening is all about. See the conversation between two industry experts.

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Verified Credentials is a leading background screening company. Since 1984, we’ve helped validate and secure relationships through the use of our comprehensive screening solutions. We offer a wide variety of background checks, verifications, and innovative screening tools.

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Verified Credentials Background Screening Blog

Candidate Experience

Bakers Dozen Award

2 min read

Verified Credentials Ranked Top Background Screening Provider in 2023

We are grateful to our outstanding clients for helping Verified Credentials earn a spot in the top Midsize Program Background Screeners in the 2023...

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Social media screening

3 min read

Get In On The Conversation: Fireside Chat About Social Media Screening

Clare Horvik, Vice President of Marketing for Verified Credentials, invited Ben Mones, CEO of Fama Technologies, for an interview to discuss a hot...

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3 min read

3 Ways Background Checks Can Support Employee Retention

Companies love to talk about making “investments for the future.” Whether opening a new sales office or purchasing new equipment, each move is meant...

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3 min read

Background Screening Strategy for the Changing Landscape of Contingent Workers

Your strategic workforce likely includes traditional workers, your full-time and part-time staff. It may also include alternative workers, also known...

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3 min read

Hiring with Limited Resources: How an Applicant Tracking System Helps

Do we become more creative with limited resources? A sign of true efficiency is the ability to do more with less. Maybe you need to keep pace with...

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4 min read

New Report Reveals 5 Keys to Efficient Pre-Hire Processes

It’s no secret that connecting all human resources processes in one convenient ecosystem is the gold-star goal for many HR leaders. The efficiency...

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1 min read

5 Steps to Help You Prepare for an Employment Background Check

Applying for a new job can sometimes feel overwhelming. And just when you think the process is near the end, the background check might bring on...

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Create a Better Candidate Experience with Background Checks

3 min read

A Better Candidate Experience: How Your Background Check Can Help You Earn All-Star Ratings from Job Seekers

Today, the entire world is under review. People won’t step foot in a restaurant without first checking Yelp, they’ll only see movies certified...

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Integrating Background Checks with Your Applicant Tracking System

3 min read

The Perks of Integrating Background Checks with Your Applicant Tracking System

Let’s take a quick count – how many individual login pages do you visit on a frequent basis at work? On top of your organization’s internal systems,...

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In House Background Screening Company

3 min read

What's to Love about a Background Screening Company with In-House Operations?

At Verified Credentials, we have all departments housed under one roof. Everyone working together in the same place means we can walk down the hall...

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