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New Report Reveals 5 Keys to Efficient Pre-Hire Processes

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It’s no secret that connecting all human resources processes in one convenient ecosystem is the gold-star goal for many HR leaders. The efficiency and professionalism of your onboarding process has significant payouts – earning the trust, respect, and confidence of your candidates—and it all starts with how you use smart tools and HR systems.

A recent report from and Verified Credentials reveals where your HR peers are focusing their resources and attention to achieve a better pre-hire process, including the role of background screening. The research in “The State of Pre-Hire Tools and Systems 2020” includes responses from over 200 HR professionals, primarily based in the United States. Among others, findings related to the use of background checks include:

  • The use of background checks continues to be widespread
  • Integrating screening with other systems creates a better user experience
  • Streamlining is key to an efficient pre-hire experience
  • Organizations that fully utilize pre-hire processes report having happier candidates and recruitment staff

See what the full report says about how background screening is used as a pre-hire tool ››

How you use your background screening tools can help address the state of your pre-hire tools and systems. Take a look at five tips to address the key points of the report.

1.  Plan It Out

No matter what your pre-hire process looks like, having an organized structure to your onboarding process is key to retaining and recruiting the best candidates for your organization. First and foremost, planning means taking inventory of what matters most to your organization, as well as the ways that you achieve your goals.

When building a roadmap for pre-hire processes, most companies have one thing in common: interview scheduling is a no-brainer. On top of that, the report from and Verified Credentials highlighted a vast majority of respondents include background and reference checks for candidates in their pre-hire process. How do you align with your peers—and even more, how are your tools supporting your workflow?

State of the Industry Report Blog Post_graph

Source 1: The State of Pre-Hire Tools and Systems 2020 Report, and Verified Credentials

2.  Use Your Tools

While some of the results in the poll above may not surprise you, how many access data and utilize smart hiring tools may. According to the and Verified Credentials State of Pre-Hire Tools and Systems Report, leaders in HR believe that utilizing their tools in the pre-hire process provides a better candidate experience (62%), provides useful data for future reference (51%), and improves employer branding (36%). In summary, it is clear that the use of tools not only improves your efficiency but also makes a significant impact in your candidate’s eyes.

Take a moment to reflect on your pre-hire resources and systems. Where can you save time and make your workflow more efficient? For example, are there preferences or automation that might replace your manual efforts? A few examples that may help streamline your day could include setting up email notifications for designated milestones or even setting up auto-order thresholds for criminal history locations. If you find yourself clicking more and shaving time off your day on these tasks, it may be time to re-assess if your process is working for you.

3.  Connect Applications That Support Your Needs

Of course, it goes without saying that that you are only as efficient as your utilization of your applicant tracking system (ATS) and pre-hire tools. According to this research, one of the most significant reasons for unsatisfactory pre-hire processes could indicate a lack of integration in hiring flow. Whether you use a single-platform ATS, human resource information system (HRIS), or human resource management system (HRMS) system that manages all of your pre-hire needs. or utilize many programs, it’s crucial to have the right flow to help support your talent acquisition goals.

Only 31% of respondents in the survey indicated that they utilize a single platform pre-hire system, though there is support to show that this trend continues to grow. One of the biggest benefits of using an integrated pre-screening system is the ability to order, monitor, and view background check reports through your ATS.

4.  Make Candidate Experience a Priority

Using the right tools for your organization isn’t just crucial for HR—it also affects your potential hires’ perception of your company. In fact, only 44% of candidates were happy with their organization’s pre-hiring process. Improving the candidate process through self-service portals is just one of the many ways you can support and reinforce your company’s values and attract the best candidates.

With this in mind, Verified Credentials created a Candidate Verification Center tool to be used in your pre-hire needs. From this custom-branded portal, candidates are able to input information, submit forms, and sign documents electronically. Not only does this save you time and energy in administrative tasks, but it also creates an efficient one-stop-shop for your applicants.

5.  Keep the Human in Human Resources

Automation may be taking over parts of the industry, however, we all understand the importance of putting the human in human resources. Ensuring that automation doesn’t overrule your hiring process is vital to building relationships with your potential hires and the vendors that provide smart tools to improve their onboarding experience. Even more, the relationship that you have with your screening vendor makes all the difference when it comes to the support and expertise your company demands.

At Verified Credentials, we understand that building relationships is important to the hiring process. From our operations team that can provide unlimited attempts to verify candidate information, to the personalized support you need for your applicants, you can rest easy knowing the state of your screening strategy is supported with smart tools, but just as importantly, smart people.

Put Your Process into Action

How HR leaders utilize resources and tools have a significant impact on the recruitment cycle, as well as the relationships that are fostered with potential hires. By utilizing the key takeaways from the State of Pre-Hire Tools and Systems, you can help promote efficiency in the hiring process while taking advantage of the tools that can help you get it done. Ready to see how easy the pre-hire process can be for your organization? Schedule a consultation today to learn more about how Verified Credentials can help improve your pre-hire workflow.

For the full report, download The State of Pre-Hire Tools and Systems here.

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