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The latest: social media screening
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Learn what social media screening is all about. See the conversation between two industry experts.

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Verified Credentials is a leading background screening company. Since 1984, we’ve helped validate and secure relationships through the use of our comprehensive screening solutions. We offer a wide variety of background checks, verifications, and innovative screening tools.

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Verified Credentials Background Screening Blog

Academic Verifications

Remote work

3 min read

A New Paradigm: Background Checks for Remote Employees and Candidates

Where and how people work has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most modern change may be the increase in the number of remote...

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verify new candidates confidently

4 min read

Tune Up for The New Year: 9 Employment Verification Questions

As we look ahead into 2023, it may be a good time to look back and reevaluate your company’s professional verificationprocess. Confirming a...

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2 min read

Screening for Experience & Skills: How the Manufacturing Sector Keeps Shelves Stocked

Consumer demands impact what stores and sites keep stocked on the shelves. Producers of toilet paper, packaged food, and cars work double-time to...

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3 min read

See Ya, Sticky Notes: How to Make Your Background Check To-Do List Disappear

How many reminders do you have set on your calendar, your phone, or the classic stand-by sticky note? We’re a Minnesota company, the place where...

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Signs of an Effective Background Check Pt 2 Header Image-01-1

2 min read

Believe It When You See It: Signs of an Effective Background Check [PART 2]

In part one of our series discussing visible signs of effective background checks, we highlighted how itemized invoices might indicate the overall...

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3 min read

10 Tips to Survive Finding A New Background Screening Vendor

With a new year approaching, you may be thinking about changing what may not be working, from recruiting strategies to outsourced human resource...

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How Companies Combat Resume Fraud

3 min read

How Companies Combat Resume Fraud with Smart Job History & Academic Verifications

Resume fraud, or accidental mistakes in a candidate’s self-disclosed history are all too familiar in the workforce today. In fact, in the last year,...

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