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See Ya, Sticky Notes: How to Make Your Background Check To-Do List Disappear

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How many reminders do you have set on your calendar, your phone, or the classic stand-by sticky note? We’re a Minnesota company, the place where Post-it notes were invented, so we have nothing against this helpful tracking method. But chances are that you’ve got more than a dozen reminders on your list. Before you see your workspace littered with colorful flags and reminders to keep your background checks on track, we have a couple decluttering solutions.

Working in HR means that you need to stay on top of your list for the sake of your organization’s success. Unfortunately, keeping up with your reminders and to-do list is no easy feat when you’re coordinating interviews, verifying candidates, or attempting to check references. So what’s a HR professional to do? First things first, let’s take inventory of your list.

What Processes are Slowing you Down?

When there’s no time to waste, it’s critical to make sure that your background screening solutions have got your back. By making the services and technology work for you, you’ll be able to delegate your tasks and have on-demand access to important updates – no phone calls or stack of color-coded notes required.

Some of the most time-consuming tasks in the hiring process include:

  • Collecting and filling out forms
  • Manually verifying employment, education, and references
  • Tracking candidate status updates

Fast-Track(ing) Your Daily Processes

We know that tracking your candidates and their authorizations can be time-consuming, but did you know that, according to a Verified Credentials study, less than half of large and mid-size employers utilize a candidate portal in their hiring process? When you don’t have time to waste, it’s time to start thinking about how you use your resources and HR technology. Having to hunt down specific candidates and searching through folders is a way of the past—so why not put all of your candidate’s information right at your fingertips?

Our platform makes life easier by giving you the ability to view candidate progress and reports in one centralized location.  Need to send over additional forms to your candidate? In Verified Credentials’ Candidate Verification Center (CVC) self-service tool, applicants can upload and respond to additional requests for information. Putting the applicant’s data into their own hands not only helps streamline your day but also allows the candidate to ensure accurate data.

Less Phone Calls, More Productive Time

How successful are you when it comes to contacting the person who has the answers you need on the first shot?  If this takes more time out of your day than you’d like, you aren’t alone. Even with today’s technology, 69% of verifications cannot be automated (Verified Credentials, 2019). Unfortunately, no database can answer all of our questions about start dates, end dates, and termination details. For this reason, it might be best to accept a helping hand to find the answers that matter most to you.

Manual verifications

At Verified Credentials, we don’t believe in giving up on good candidates. Unlike other conventional background screening companies, we offer unlimited attempts to verify the information.  In a 2019 report, Verified Credentials found that 99.7% of employers choose to continue their efforts in pursuit of their candidate’s information. If you’re already paying for verification services but not getting results, it might be time to give your process a second look to make the most of your money.

Real-Time Status Reports Eliminate Confusion

If you have to reference several websites or click through pages to find pre-hire statuses, you may be working harder than you need to. Now more than ever it’s important to have all of the information that you need at your fingertips, and it’s critical to have a tool that supports your organization’s needs.

Your employee portal’s accessibility and transparency should put you at ease with your hiring tools. Do you know the last time someone tried verifying your candidate’s information? With the Verified Credentials Employee® dashboard, you’re able to track your candidate’s progress in real time just as easy as an order from your favorite pizza chain. Whether it’s verifications, drug tests or background checks, you’ll can get the lowdown on any updates to your candidate’s record.

Screening platform - Candidate Progress with ETAAll of the real-time updates about your candidate’s progress and reports at your fingertips.

If you need to share updates about your candidate with others in your organization who are authorized to review your candidate’s information, you’ll be happy to know that you have an option to save you from sending an e-mail to your team. You can also set up notifications within the Verified Credentials Employee® dashboard to trigger e-mail notifications to others for certain milestones, including specific types of discrepancies on final reports.

Ready to Say Goodbye to your Sticky Notes?

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your stack of sticky notes and to-do lists, we’re here to help show you just how easy the pre-hire process can be. Not only will your desktop thank you, but you’ll be able to make more time for your employees to help your organization shine.

Schedule a consultation today to learn more—and say goodbye to your sticky notes forever.

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