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Believe It When You See It: Signs of an Effective Background Check [PART 2]

Posted by Verified Credentials on Apr 17, 2019 7:58:00 AM

Signs of an Effective Background Check Pt 2

In part one of our series discussing visible signs of effective background checks, we highlighted how itemized invoices might indicate the overall result of a program. By looking beyond using a bill for payment purposes, you can get details on how broad your background checks really go.

Now we will take a look at how these areas may signify the effectiveness of a background screening program: 

  • Management reports from your screening partner
  • Your final background check results

Instant insights: On-demand process management reports that don’t require analysis 

Gathering and analyzing data can be time consuming and challenging. However, if those steps are completed for you, this will help you organize your results and focus your analysis to quickly see if your background screening program is effective. 

One example of this is the on-demand administrative report that HR professionals turn to on a frequent basis to monitor multiple data points, like turnaround times, order volume and costs, and discrepancy rates. Within Verified Credentials’ Employee® dashboard, you simply log on and with just couple clicks have an administrative report – complete with real-time information on your screening program. 

You can get a host of information from this report but seeing a breakdown of turnaround time is a valuable insight. Turnaround time is a great indicator of how your background screening program is performing. Not all reports will be completed in the same time frame but consistent turnaround times - especially from year to year - might indicate an efficient workflow and process. 

Statistics like that at your fingertips make intermittent reviews of your background screening program simple. All part of a proprietary technology system customized with resources and tools you need. So why not make the most of it! Stay informed on a weekly, quarterly or annual basis helps you remain confident that your background screening program is performing the way you want. 

Learn more about how Verified Credentials Employee® can simplify your background check management ››

Continuous review: Background results with complete process history

A glance at completed results can also indicate that you have an efficient background screening program. The amount and type of information included about the process in your results can be an indicator of a success. Take a look at results you received recently - do you see any of the following? 

  • Notes on attempts to complete work history or academic verifications
  • Start times and milestone details of the progress of searches
  • In-depth documentation if a negative reference is received

The more detail you receive from your background check partner, the better. Verified Credentials is transparent by making every step taken to complete the background check visible to HR professionals . It’s clear and obvious how results were obtained and how long it took to get them. 

Your background check results could direct you to areas in the process that could enhance the effectiveness of your screening program. In the case of attempts to complete verifications, if you see attempts being limited, your background screening results may not be as thorough as they could be. 

Just like with your household appliances, you should have clear signs that your background check program is working. Take a look at your invoices, reporting tools, and screening results and you should see an effective background check in action. If not, you might be able to make small adjustments to increase the success of your program.   

After learning about these signs of effectiveness, are you less confident that your background checks are working? Schedule a consultation to see how we can help.

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