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A New Paradigm: Background Checks for Remote Employees and Candidates

Posted by Verified Credentials on Mar 21, 2023 9:00:00 AM

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Where and how people work has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most modern change may be the increase in the number of remote employees. Estimates suggest that one in every four Americans worked remotely through 2021. Efficiencies, cost savings, and employee demand that remote work provides may continue this upward trend. A recent survey found that “59% of respondents said they would be more likely to choose an employer who offered remote work than those who didn’t.”

Hiring remote employees may become a necessity in the years ahead. Is your background screening program prepared for this new reality? This blog will cover some popular solutions that can be useful in conducting background checks for remote candidates and employees:

Things to consider in the new age of remote work

  • Remote employees deserve the same care and attention as those in the office. Providing a consistent background check experience for everyone can help establish team expectations. Employers may better understand how the candidate aligns with the rest of the team with a consistent process.
  • Trust is crucial with remote workers. They have access to company data, networks, other employees, and clients in a way that on-site employees do not. Having remote access to this information means that you're putting a great deal of trust in these employees. Background screening solutions may help establish more trust by looking into all candidates and employees.
  • Hiring managers need a complete picture of candidates. Without the benefits of in-person interviews, how can you gain insights on candidates to make a confident hiring decision? Consider redesigning your background screening program to include solutions such as social media screening. It might help glean things not visible on a resume or application.
  • Where a candidate resides might impact compliance. Hiring laws vary depending on the city or state in which a candidate lives. If you’ve started hiring employees outside your area, you may need to update your screenings to reflect local requirements.

Solutions for screening remote candidates and employees

A wide range of background checks can help employers gain more information about candidates and employees. Some common screening solutions for remote employees include:

  • ID Trace – An ID Trace uses a candidate’s Social Security number to identify previously used names or locations they’ve lived. That information can help HR pros decide which areas and names to search in subsequent background checks. Across industries, many employers use an ID trace as part of their screening activities.
  • Social Media Screening – Social media checks have become more widely adopted. This screening searches publicly available social media profiles for information on candidates, which may identify risky content such as intolerance, threats, or harassment. Insights into online activity may give hiring managers a better idea of which candidates best align with company values.
  • Drug Testing – Many employers across industries drug test their candidates. Verified Credentials partners with testing providers to offer collection sites in every state. Once completed, results are available 24/7 in our online system.
  • I-9 Verifications – One of the benefits of hiring remote workers is that you can expand your talent pool to more qualified candidates. In most cases, they must be eligible to work in the United States. Electronic I-9 verifications make it easy to verify work eligibility. Auto-populating forms with pre-hire screening information may make the process quicker. Employers can get results on the same day in many cases. This verification may be essential in validating federal contractor and sub-contractor requirements.
  • Rescreening – Background checks aren’t just for job candidates. Rescreening current employees is becoming more popular. Rescreening can help employers ensure they are providing a safe workplace and can be used to verify that licensed professionals are still qualified. In the age of remote work, rescreens have become even more common. There could be records in locations that weren't searched when you hired the employee. Protecting the company's brand image and ensuring employees are in the right roles may provide extra confidence for HR specialists.

Remote work may be here to stay. Is your background screening program aligned with your current and future hiring needs?Building a background screening program for the modern age

Remote work may be here to stay. Is your background screening program aligned with your current and future hiring needs?

Need background check solutions for screening remote candidates and employees? Contact Verified Credentials today to learn more about how you can use our extensive services to design a background screening program that works for you, your candidates, and your employees, wherever they may be.

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