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Ongoing monitoring of driving records can help employers avoid risk and improve driver safety. Learn about the benefits of adding Verified Credentials' newest solution to your screening strategy.

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3 min read

10 Tips to Survive Finding A New Background Screening Vendor

Find a trusted background screening partner

With a new year approaching, you may be thinking about changing what may not be working, from recruiting strategies to outsourced human resource functions. When frustrations with your background screening process occur, it may leave you thinking, “There has to be a better way.”

You want to identify a company that operates with transparency, invests time to build your relationship, and delivers the service and support needed for a successful process. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to sort through the different facts and features for an honest-to-goodness comparison. We’ve identified a few tips to help you size up your options if you’re looking for a new background screening company for 2019:

1. Don’t let embedded processes scare you.

Vendor transition can be intimidating, but reliable background screening companies, such as Verified Credentials, have steps and multiple-tiered teams in place to walk you through it, step-by-step. It’s that simple.

2. Relationships matter.

This means when you pick up the phone, you know you’ll get real help from real people. You even have a designated contact that can help with your account and keep you on track to meet your business goals. That’s a great value and a good bet for a consistent experience as your hiring needs grow and change. That personal touch is one way Verified Credentials isn’t just another HR vendor, but a true partner for our clients.

3. Fully understand each component of your background check.

Don’t be afraid to ask for explanations about background checks and verifications. Question where the information is coming from and what details are reported. The more you know, the more you can confidently select the searches you need, from criminal history searches to employment verifications.

4. Put your candidates first.

Your top potential talent deserves a consistent experience with your brand. Make sure your background screening company can deliver a candidate experience that will speed up the hiring process.

5. Not every process is the same.

What makes a company unique in background screening has become increasingly granular. Do not settle for limited attempts for verifications. For example, Verified Credentials stands out in the process to verify work history and degrees. We don’t stop until the job is done. In other words, we make unlimited attempts to verify information – and keep going until you tell us to stop.

6. Watch out for off-shoring.

U.S.-based screening services can help in many ways. You want your support team to know you and have on-site resources to get your answers fast. You want the professionals verifying criminal records or employment history to be familiar with jurisdictions and screening terms. You want to protect your applicants’ Personal Identifying Information (PII), and let’s face it, the fewer hands that touch it, the better. Verified Credentials addresses those concerns by conducting all business functions right here in the United States.

7. Be careful of apples-to-apples comparisons.

All too often we speak with HR professionals who expect that a list of services or criteria to all potential vendors will result in consistent price quotes to compare. That is almost never the case. The truth is, not all products and services are identical, even if they have a similar name or description. Scope and source really do matter when it comes to the quality of information provided. And as a result, prices will also vary. Bottom line, oversights in what you are buying may lead to a negligent hiring or retention lawsuit.

Not sure how to compare multiple quotes? We can walk you through the process and show you a competitive quote with upfront pricing and descriptions. Learn more ››

8. Screening platforms that add costs.

You’re paying for background reports, which come with enough fees. While some platforms may come with a setup fee, annual maintenance isn’t something you should expect to pay (and you don’t pay with Verified Credentials).

9. Loyalty is earned.

Minimum time commitments on contracts give a false sense of security for both you and your screening partner. You shouldn’t feel stuck in a relationship. Don’t you want to work with a partner that works to earn your business day in and day out? Here at Verified Credentials, that commitment to your satisfaction every day drives us. So when evaluating providers, keep your options open without time or volume commitments.

10. Responsive support saves the day.

You set up your new account, have all your system users trained, and it’s all systems go. Questions from your staff and candidates all can be met with a fast response. But how fast is fast? Verified Credentials support team answers your phone calls in 3 rings or less. You will never get an automated system and put in a waiting queue.

When you consider these tips, selecting a new screening provider in 2019 comes down to three things: the quality of the product, the service you receive, and the relationship. A new process in the new year can mean background checks that work better for you and your candidates.

If you find yourself pushed to the brink, exhausted of service, support and workflow letdowns, then chances are you may be looking for something more than just a vendor. You are looking to build a real relationship with a trusted partner, like Verified Credentials. We’re here to talk through these tips if you’re considering a fresh start with your background screening program. Schedule a consultation at a time convenient for you.

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