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3 min read

The Perks of Integrating Background Checks with Your Applicant Tracking System

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Let’s take a quick count – how many individual login pages do you visit on a frequent basis at work? On top of your organization’s internal systems, you may have a wide range of platforms specific to your HR role including payroll applications, background check dashboards, employee benefits systems, and more. This can result in feeling of disjointed hiring, onboarding, and employee maintenance workflows – not to mention so many open browser windows. But many organizations have already figured out there are ways to simplify some of these with single sign-on solutions through integrations. One common way this is done is through integrating background checks with your ATS.

When added to your HR tech landscape, an applicant tracking system (ATS) feels like the HR professional’s hiring headquarters. It’s your hub for candidate data, keeping your team organized and efficient. But even with a state-of-the-art system, your hiring process may still include elements outside of your ATS, which could leave it feeling a little disjointed. So why not house even more pieces of your process in your centralized ATS?

Many organizations integrate their background checks with their ATS for a more cohesive experience. If you’re handling a high volume of candidates and complex workflows through multiple system, an ATS may help you streamline your processes, from job boards and recruitment to background checks and onboarding. And when it makes sense, you could save time, increase efficiency, and create a better experience for internal users and candidates alike.

Increased efficiency for HR professionals

There’s a reason your organization adopted or is considering an applicant tracking system in the first place. A single workflow that can make your life easier by organizing all of your collected candidate data in one location. In other words, a way to make your hiring and onboarding processes more convenient. By integrating background checks with your applicant tracking system, you take that convenience to the next level.

With a background check integration, hiring managers can order, track and view background check reports directly from your ATS account. And with everything all in one place, you eliminate the need for multiple interfaces, making it easier to review candidate data. Not only that, but applicant data is automatically transferred to your background screening provider, saving you time completing mindless and redundant data entry. You can then view real-time status updates and background screening results right from your ATS dashboard.

Sifting through candidate data can be painful, and time is always of the essence when working to fill open positions. Why not simplify your internal processes by combining two important systems into one? The integration will not only make your life easier, but it can provide convenience from a candidate’s perspective as well.

Better experience for candidates

During a candidate’s application and interview process, they’re evaluating your company as much as you’re evaluating them. To put your best foot forward and attract the top talent to your organization, you want candidates to have the best possible experience from end to end. Integrating background screening processes with your ATS could help you do just that.

With a background check integration, you create a one-stop shop for your candidates. They simply visit your ATS site, complete the application online, and the system is ready for you to place the background check order. This single, streamlined process helps ensure you capture all the information you need and could help boost a candidate’s confidence that their information will stay secure. In today’s competitive job market, a positive candidate experience is critical for keeping your best applicants engaged and excited about your organization.

Is integration the right fit?

We’ve really talked up how integrating background checks with your ATS can benefit you and your candidates. But in some cases, it might prove to be outside of the scope of what you are really prepared to take on. So when might integrating your systems make sense? Ask yourself,

  • Will the time saved with an integration outweigh your current processing times?
  • Do you have the resources available to dedicate to establishing the new process?
  • Will your system users appreciate the new workflow?

If you answered yes to these questions, it might make sense to start the implementation process. And, depending on your background screening partner, the process to get started might be fairly simple.

How to actually get it done

Verified Credentials makes implementation fairly simple by offering several established background check integrations with a growing list of leading ATS applications. But if you have a proprietary ATS, we can also create an implementation plan for a custom integration.

Typically integrations can be established quickly, with our in-house software development team completing mapping of data fields in just a few weeks. Once the integration is complete, we provide training and support to help your entire HR team hit the ground running with your new solution. The faster you can get your new system in place, the faster you can fill your open positions and drive results for your organization.

Integrating your background screening activities with your applicant tracking system is about more than just reducing the number of tabs you have open in your browser. It’s about creating a hiring system built on efficiency and convenience. As one of the first points of contact between your company and prospective employees, it’s crucial the experience is a positive one. By integrating your ATS and background checks, you can streamline your hiring process and make life easier for everyone involved.

Looking to make your background screening process more efficient? Contact Verified Credentials to schedule a consultation. We can integrate our powerful background screening services with your ATS to streamline your hiring process and improve candidate experience.

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