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Ongoing monitoring of driving records can help employers avoid risk and improve driver safety. Learn about the benefits of adding Verified Credentials' newest solution to your screening strategy.

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Announcing: ATS Integration with PageUp

PageUp Integration


Verified Credentials has a new partner to add to a growing list of pre-integrated solutions – PageUp. Using an applicant tracking system can help make the lives of HR professionals easier by increasing efficiency and potentially saving time to focus on other tasks. Verified Credentials clients can now recruit qualified candidates, track applicants, and screen them right from PageUp’s dashboard. 

Many companies agree that an applicant tracking system (“ATS”) makes recruiting easier. Our goal has always been to make background screening and hiring as efficient and straightforward as possible. Verified Credentials has integrated with PageUp to simplify finding suitable candidates and screening. Like PageUp, we have a longstanding history of delivering solutions that help colleges, universities, and public sector institutions manage employment needs. Let’s look at how PageUp’s integration with Verified Credentials can potentially help our clients save time and increase efficiency. 


How Can PageUp’s ATS Integration Help Me?

Qualified candidates for your company are out there, but sometimes they can be challenging to find. Even assuming everything goes smoothly, finding and acquiring the best candidates for the job can be frustrating. Once HR finds a pool of suitable candidates, the process has just begun. This makes the hiring process from start to finish often long and complicated, especially if resources are limited.


PageUp’s talent acquisition software integration is designed to help companies of almost any size efficiently hire suitable candidates. PageUp accomplishes this by enabling recruiters to schedule interviews quickly, simplifying job advertising, and increasing visibility for both employers and candidates. Here are a few potential benefits of pairing our services with PageUp’s ATS: 

  • Keep information all in one integrated system. 
    • Reduce the risk of potential data errors internally by keeping information all in one place.
    • Create a better candidate experience by eliminating the need to re-enter the same information twice.
  • Reduce time spent from recruitment to hiring. Customers can now combine PageUp’s user-friendly recruitment tools with screening automation tools, such as our in-house report scoring system.

Read more about the benefits of an integrated applicant tracking system here


Designed with Efficiency and Automation in Mind

Lack of speed and efficiency has become one of the top reasons companies lose candidates. Hiring speed and efficiency are especially prioritized for top candidates with multiple offers. The good news is that pairing our system with an integrated ATS to automate processes and stay on task throughout the screening process can help speed up efficiency and effectiveness. Both Verified Credentials’ in-house tools and PageUp’s ATS are designed with efficiency and automation in mind, making them a great team. 


Background checks integrated with PageUp help create a quicker experience for both HR and candidates in a few ways: 

  • Fast, Easy Setup and Transition – Verified Credentials is already connected to PageUp, which makes mapping to your account easy. With this simple, standardized launch process, adding Verified Credentials background checks to a PageUp account is convenient and swift for your team. 

  • Pre-populated Candidate Details – Candidate information from PageUp pre-populates the background check order making the hiring process more efficient. Candidates only enter their information once, avoiding redundant entries in multiple systems.

  • Integrate Multiple Background Check Packages Verified Credentials has solutions for any need: global searches, comprehensive criminal history searches, high-success employment verifications, seamless drug tests, and much more.  Give your hiring teams fast, easy ordering options for unlimited background checks and packages within the PageUp dashboard.

From there, real-time order status and results within PageUp’s ATS makes it simple to access the information HR needs quickly so that they can get on with their day. 


Enhance the HR and Candidate Experience

Staying organized and making the candidate process more pleasant can increase candidate satisfaction and quality. A positive potential candidate experience can attract top talent and increase application rates by up to 365%. Here are some features that could improve the HR and candidate experience during the hiring process. 


Mobile-optimized experience for candidates – An easy-to-use integrated candidate portal helps bring employee value propositions to life from start to finish. This integration allows candidates to use a candidate verification center for the portion of the information they are required to provide. Combining Verified Credentials’ mobile-first screening services with PageUp’s mobile-optimized ATS creates a more seamless, transparent, and mobile-friendly candidate experience. 


Complimentary tools to improve relationship management – Verified Credentials’ one-of-a-kind screening methods and tools, such as candidate notices, revolve around enhancing the internal and external user experience. PageUp’s relationship management and proactive sourcing tools allow recruiters to build rich talent pipelines. Candidates can get the answers they need, and HR has more time for more human-oriented tasks. These integrated user experience tools can help nurture a better overall experience with optimal results. 


All in One Place with PageUp & Verified Credentials

Finding and hiring great candidates can be hard enough as it is without using multiple, separate systems. Being able to screen employees efficiently, keep track of vital processes, and automate functions all in one place can create a better experience for employers and employees. Verified Credentials’ integration with PageUp means that customers can seamlessly complete the hiring process from start to finish and potentially save time and stress.  


Interested in learning more about integrating your background checks with PageUp? Connect with Verified Credentials to discover more ››


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