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3 Tips to Help Boost Quality of Background Checks

Posted by Verified Credentials on Apr 2, 2021 10:49:13 AM

Steps for Quality Background Checks

Trusting the information in your background checks means confidence in your hiring decisions. The right background screening company partner provides countless rigorous measures to get you that dependable information. But you can also make a big impact. What’s great is that employers like you can give quality a boost. Taking proactive steps could help boost the quality of your background checks.

Even if you already trust your background checks, some steps can help speed up results too. Let’s discover what you can shift that might help you get even more quality and accuracy out of your background checks.

Start on the Right Foot with the Right Information

Final reports are only as good as the information used. So how do you collect good – better yet, GREAT – candidate data? The method for data collection could be resulting in less than stellar screening results.

If you only use a candidate’s resume or job application for collecting candidate information, you may have incomplete information. In some cases, candidate identifiers that could be useful for a background check may not be collected in an initial job application or provided by a candidate in their resume. For example, some sources might use a driver’s license number as one identifier, but you might not have collected that information on your application.

Without all the information, results might be incomplete too. Using different methods to get complete and accurate candidate data can start the screening process off right. These methods save time and headaches to track down additional information – information that can help find and validate records faster:

  • A candidate portal puts the data entry work in the candidate’s hands.
  • Pair your background checks with an applicant tracking system. It’s possible the information you already have can be transferred automatically.

You might even decide to combine collection methods to get the most complete and accurate information. With high-quality data, your background checks start off towards high-quality results.

Understand How Records are Matched

Record matching is how the screening technology works to compare and match candidate information to potential records. Often matching methodology for a background screening company is informed by best practices and compliance. While some details may be proprietary and confidential, you may benefit from understanding how your partner performs background checks. Let’s take a step back to talk about what record matching can mean to you.

Background checks often use a variety of criteria to match potential records to the candidate information provided. This might include name, birthdate, social security number, and more. The aim is to accurately compare potential records to your candidate to help prevent false positive records from appearing in reports.

Verified Credentials developed a cutting-edge algorithm to assist in matching potential records. This technology gives our clients a step up in helping to prevent false positive reports. We’ve found this to promote accuracy resulting in fewer disputed reports and happier candidates.

While you probably can’t control how your records are matched, you can control which screening partner you work with. When you vet potential companies to work with, ask how they do it. The quality of your background checks will feel the impact.

Monitor Results with Smart Quality Control

Screening companies that boast about “instant results” may do so at the expense of the report quality. Solutions that include a manual quality control process have the potential to increase quality exponentially. Think about it – once you see a report, you can’t unsee it. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that the background report contains high-quality, accurate information?

A solid quality control program helps maintain quality reports. Verified Credentials’ quality control process begins with ongoing employee training. Starting at day one, staff are trained and tested to meet our work quality level. Tests for accuracy and speed are paired with random audits and work comparisons to provide high-quality results. On top of that, verifications are manually inspected by an experienced Quality Control Specialist. We find layering this process with our record matching technique results in high-quality reports.

Background check reports are vital in your hiring process. High-quality reports can accurately deliver details on candidate history that may be important for your hiring decisions. More candidate-supplied information upfront, unique record-matching protocol, and a quality control program can help you get higher quality results.

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