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Ongoing monitoring of driving records can help employers avoid risk and improve driver safety. Learn about the benefits of adding Verified Credentials' newest solution to your screening strategy.

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Not sure if your background screening strategy matches the way you do business? After a year of considerable changes, you may be evaluating your hiring process. Maybe you inherited a background screening program that feels outdated. Maybe your candidates expect a different experience than what they’re getting. And, of course, digital hiring creates more demand for streamlined workflows. Opportunity for more efficiency is nearly always possible!

If you’re looking to update or completely renovate your existing background check solution, here are a few areas you might want to consider:

1. Make a List

Writing down problems that you’re facing can be a great tool to get unstuck. Make a list of what searches you include and review sources to see if your background reports cover what you expect. Creating lists can be a great place to start when refreshing a screening strategy. Lists could help you focus on:

  • Search scope (e.g., how you use names and residential history to strengthen multiple background checks).
  • What information sources you use, and how you layer background checks.
  • Compliance and legal requirements you may have when obtaining or using background reports.

2. Look for Patterns

Consider how patterns in your screening orders might translate into pre-determined background check packages for easy ordering. You may want to replace repeatable tasks because you’re busy. Your team is busy. And with these limited resources, it’s easy to get bogged down in the details and messy workflows. Your background screening account may have tools and settings that you can customize to take work off your plate. For example, you can group background checks commonly ordered together into one-click screening packages.

3. Don't Let Things Pile Up

Use account set-up preferences to help filter what and how you see report results. Keeping a clean workspace, desktop, and inbox is the sign of a clear mind – refreshed and ready for what’s next. Not all of us are so lucky, or organized, to live in that reality. But that doesn’t mean that’s not the goal. Your background screening partner may have solutions to help you keep things manageable. You may want to consider:

  • Set alerts and notifications to replace manually monitoring order queues.
  • Route certain background reports to a specific email inbox. Minimize unnecessary emails in your inbox.
  • Filter background report results that you rule as relevant for direct delivery to appropriate hiring decision-makers.

Ask Verified Credentials if you want to know more about unique settings that keep your hiring funnel organized ››

4. Break Up Complex Tasks

Utilize workflow tools to potentially reduce the time you spend on placing orders and reviewing final reports. Using a candidate website or applicant tracking system saves hassle and brings the entire process online. The easiest work you’ll ever do is the work that someone else does for you. That’s why creating a portal for candidates to supply their information can be a great way to streamline your hiring process. A self-service portal allows candidates to manage their information, whether the background screening company or one of their integrated applicant tracking systems provide it.

5. Make Sure Everything Has a Home

To get your house in order and give everything a home, you may need to get to know your background screening system. What you find may be a smart toolbox of settings, preferences, and custom workflows. Arrange your account in a way that fits your business processes, including billing methods, PO codes, communication methods, and more.

6. Tackle the Big Projects

You don’t need to put off big jobs because they are daunting. Use bulk screening or custom settings to minimize the workload for the biggest background screening projects. Verified Credentials can help you tackle large-scale or bulk employee rechecks to make recurring screening simple, schedulable, and easy to analyze.

7. Ask for Help

Let’s talk about how to lifehack rechecks to make recurring screening simple, schedulable, and easy to analyze. Use your background screening company as a sounding board. Ask for an account review or training session to keep your program on track.

We are ready to discuss the solutions Verified Credentials to get your ducks in a row. We can help get you review, set goals, and make changes that can make a big impact. Now is a great time to energize and organize your background screening strategy. To learn more, call 800.473.4934 or complete this form.

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