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The latest: social media screening
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Learn what social media screening is all about. See the conversation between two industry experts.

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Verified Credentials Background Screening Blog

National Criminal Database Search

4 min read

Criminal History Searches 101: Understanding Your Options

Criminal history searches have long been among the most popular types of background checks. Based on Verified Credentials’ internal research of its...

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3 min read

National Criminal Database Search: Top Search of Potential Records Nationwide

Big data’s homing signal is strong. Faster, more accurate background screening demands better sources of digital records. Growing criminal history...

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2 min read

List of Ways Criminal Records Could Go Unfound

Background checks seek the truth about your candidates’ and employees’ connections with potential crimes. Screening products, packages, scope, actual...

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Layer Criminal Searches in Background Checks

3 min read

Layer Up this Winter with Multiple Criminal History Sources

When the weather gets cold, the best defense is to layer up with coats and sweaters to put as many barriers as possible between you and the frigid...

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Marriage Between Product and Scope in Background Checks

3 min read

What Comes Up on a Background Check: Marriage Between Product and Scope

The weather is warm, the flowers are in bloom, and the sun is shining. The return of summer means wedding season is upon us once again. For family...

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Read the Blog - 9 Background Screening Myths Busted!

3 min read

Background Check Myths: 9 Common Misunderstandings and the Truth Behind Them

There’s a lot of fluctuating information out there about background checks. And it’s common for even the most experienced HR leader to be confused or...

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Signs of an Effective Background Check

2 min read

Believe It When You See It: Signs of an Effective Background Check [PART 1]

When you look at activities in your life it’s pretty clear when something is working. You know your washer and dryer are doing its job when your...

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1 min read

Guide to Understanding the Sources of Sex Offender Background Checks [Infographic]

Sex offenses are among the most serious crimes a background check can uncover. Recently, we have heard from some HR professionals who thought they...

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3 min read

Where Fingerprint Background Checks May Fall Short

Watch any crime show on TV and you’re almost guaranteed to see people checking a crime scene for fingerprints. You’ll watch as they enter those...

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A look at the difference between National Criminal Database and Federal Criminal History Searches

3 min read

Quick Guide: The Difference Between "National" and "Federal" in Background Checks

I’m sure you know that background screening terminology, services, and technology can be a little confusing. Like many other HR professionals, you...

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