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The latest: social media screening
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Learn what social media screening is all about. See the conversation between two industry experts.

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Verified Credentials Background Screening Blog

Employment Verifications

2 min read

How Contingent Job Offers Reduce Hiring Risks and Delays

Maybe more than ever before, employers are leveraging contingent offers to fill roles quickly. Contingent job offers allow employers to offer...

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Remote work

3 min read

A New Paradigm: Background Checks for Remote Employees and Candidates

Where and how people work has changed since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The most modern change may be the increase in the number of remote...

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verify new candidates confidently

4 min read

Tune Up for The New Year: 9 Employment Verification Questions

As we look ahead into 2023, it may be a good time to look back and reevaluate your company’s professional verificationprocess. Confirming a...

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Social media screening

3 min read

Get In On The Conversation: Fireside Chat About Social Media Screening

Clare Horvik, Vice President of Marketing for Verified Credentials, invited Ben Mones, CEO of Fama Technologies, for an interview to discuss a hot...

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2 min read

Screening for Experience & Skills: How the Manufacturing Sector Keeps Shelves Stocked

Consumer demands impact what stores and sites keep stocked on the shelves. Producers of toilet paper, packaged food, and cars work double-time to...

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3 min read

See Ya, Sticky Notes: How to Make Your Background Check To-Do List Disappear

How many reminders do you have set on your calendar, your phone, or the classic stand-by sticky note? We’re a Minnesota company, the place where...

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1 min read

Starting Job History Verifications on the Right Foot

Nearly everyone knows the Forrest Gump quote about life and boxes of chocolates. But the classic movie features another gem of wisdom when Forrest...

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3 min read

3 Ways to Craft Company Culture Through Screening

Company culture is the personality of every organization, and so, your culture says a lot about who your organization is to candidates and employees...

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Clearing Employment Verifications Hurdles

3 min read

Clearing the Top 3 Hurdles of Employment Verifications

When you want to vet job candidates thoroughly, those get-to-know-you validations may come by way of an employment verification. It can give you a...

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Signs of an Effective Background Check Pt 2 Header Image-01-1

2 min read

Believe It When You See It: Signs of an Effective Background Check [PART 2]

In part one of our series discussing visible signs of effective background checks, we highlighted how itemized invoices might indicate the overall...

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