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Introducing Rapid Drug Tests for Rapid Hiring

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Background checks generally take anywhere from a single day up to three days on average to complete. Conducting drug tests can extend this average since time to collect, test and validate results can take additional time. When 96% of drug tests are negative, meaning no indication of substance use is found, the benefit of expediting the availability of negative results changes the game for employers that drug test current and prospective employees.

That’s where rapid drug tests come in. Verified Credentials offers a solution for rapid, urine-based test that screens for 5 drugs in a matter of minutes. It’s a powerful addition to the existing background checks and verifications we offer.

Rapid drug tests could help HR professionals optimize their background checks in a number of ways. For the full scoop, read about our latest drug screening option right here:

From Collection Site to Complete, Double-time!

Let’s begin with how it works. The process is centralized and easily accessible within Verified Credentials system, where employers can initiate a rapid drug test on demand. After a drug test is ordered, the candidate receives an email and initiates the process by visiting one of thousands of collection sites. (Hint: For current Verified Credentials clients, this process looks no different than other drug tests. It’s an easy a la carte addition!)

Collection is a closed-loop process. Once the candidate provides a specimen, there’s no need to transfer to other containers for testing. The whole process is self-contained, with a collection cup lid that features built-in test strips designed to profile SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) cutoff levels for 5 substances.

Using an on-site testing device, those test strips are then interpreted by an electronic reader. Rapid machine-read results will follow two primary paths:

  1. Negative results are typically available for candidate and employer review shortly after specimen collection. With rapid results, in about minutes the results are read by the testing machine and, usually within an hour, the results are live in Verified Credentials’ system, accelerating the window for employers to learn results.
  2. “Inconclusive” results are sealed with tamper-proof tape then sent to the lab for further screening and should not be treated as a potentially positive result.

The new drug test comes with one caveat: rapid drug tests require a laboratory for further screening and validation tests if initial processing is inconclusive. But also, like traditional lab-reliant drug screening, you can track the drug screening status without leaving your Verified Credentials account.

Who Benefits from Making Faster Hiring Decisions?

Never miss another chance to conduct a drug test in a relevant time frame. Sometimes a rapid drug test is exactly what you need if you’re an employer with hot projects that require a drug screening.

Quick and easy, these just-in-time drug tests are ideal for a variety of use cases, including:

  • Project-specific requirements, such as clearance to work with large machinery, a contracted project, and more.
  • Stand-alone screen for select hiring groups subject only to a drug test.
  • Staged processing where candidates first complete and pass a fast background check before moving to full background check.

There are many reasons you want job candidates and current employees screened for the presence of drugs. How can rapid drug tests fix workflow and performance for your onboarding process or drug-free workplace requirements?

Stop Wasting Time Waiting for The Green Light

We introduced rapid drug testing to help you address a growing need to spend less time waiting on candidates that would be green lit for the job with a negative drug test result.

Your hiring team should be focused on hiring and job placement – not on waiting, tracking, and foot-tapping until the drug test is cleared. Rapid drug tests are a quick answer without major implementation and set-up headaches.


  • Negative results are quickly available for employer and candidate review.
  • Under-seal screening for seamless and secure lab transfer when testing inconclusive results.
  • More consistent interpretation with rapid machine technology compared to alternative test strips.

The new rapid drug test is available from Verified Credentials – now it’s time to get started. We will continue to support your ever-growing drug testing needs to help you bring on qualified hires faster using smart built-in processes. Are you ready for a smoother and faster drug screening experience? To add rapid urine drug tests to your background screening program, schedule a consultation to request details and pricing.

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