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More Time to Find Talent: Considerations That Could Increase Background Screening Efficiency

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Several things have made talent recruitment and employee retention a priority for many companies. But other daily tasks still need to happen. Where do you find the time to get everything done?

Many HR professionals feel like they’re being pulled in all directions. It might feel like you don’t have the hours needed to focus on recruitment. What if you could save time on routine HR tasks like background check review? It could be possible! With the right set of tools and tactics, you may free up capacity for more important activities. Let’s look at the challenges facing HR and potential ideas you may keep in mind as you work to increase efficiency in your background screening.

The Challenges Taking HR’s Time

It seems like a perfect storm has come to consume all of HR’s time. For starters, COVID-19 continues to create new challenges. As employees return to the office, many companies are shifting to a hybrid workplace. HR is often at the heart of planning and coordinating these efforts. According to a Gartner survey, 60% of HR leaders say they plan to use a hybrid work model going forward. This means HR professionals are busy updating company policies, implementing new safety measures, and providing support to employees.

At the same time, just getting employees on payroll has become a major challenge for some organizations. The much-talked-about labor shortage has hurt some industries harder than others. But across the board, HR professionals are spending more time on and using different recruiting tactics than they have in the past. A survey by SHRM found that “57 percent of employers … are offering referral bonuses, 55 percent are hiring external or temporary workers, 44 percent are upskilling and reskilling staff, and 43 percent are boosting pay.”

When hiring is difficult, employee retention becomes extremely important. Unfortunately, this can be a challenge, too. A survey by found that 95% of workers are considering changing jobs. HR may need to focus some energy on ensuring employees are happy and healthy while still actively scouting for new talent.

The combined impact of all these challenges has left HR with little time to spare. But there are ways you might improve efficiency. You may even be able to add hours back to your week and accomplish everything on your plate.

Tools to Save Time on Background Screening

Choosing the right mix of technology tools in your background screening can help drive efficiency. Consider these tools some companies have used to reduce the time spent on background checks:

  1. Candidate portal – A dedicated hub for candidate data collection can improve the hiring experience for candidates while saving you time. These systems allow candidates to enter their information. That means you don’t have to waste time entering it for them. By empowering candidates to play a more active role in the hiring process, you could gain back valuable time for other activities.
  2. Report scoring – This tool color codes background check reports based on criteria you establish. This allows you to quickly scan final reports and get the information you need to pinpoint the next steps. Automation tools can be used to trigger certain next actions for the potential of even more time savings.
  3. HR Tech IntegrationsApplicant tracking system (ATS) and other HR system integrations put all candidate information in one place. You can streamline the hiring process by reducing data entry. And even place screening orders. This centralized approach could create big-time savings.

Beyond Tools: Time-saving Tactics

An efficiency-boosting screening strategy includes tactics that may not only save you time but could even make your life a whole lot easier. You could keep these methods in mind as you plan your background screening strategy:

  1. Strategic information collection – Collecting the right combination of candidate data upfront can result in less back-and-forth with candidates. If done right, you could ultimately speed up the process for you and the candidate. Consider all the information you will need. Are you currently capturing that information early in the process? Being more thoughtful about what data you ask for can help ensure a smooth candidate experience while saving you headaches.
  2. Easy access to analytics – You can’t be an effective HR manager if you’re spending too much time searching for data and producing reports. Systems that make it easy to view administrative reports could add value by potentially speeding up this process. Consider how you access data today. How much data can you really get on the fly? An improvement in analytics could produce better insights more quickly. Your boss might think you’re a data wiz with the speed you produce reports.
  3. Excellent service from your screening partner – When you have a problem or a question about your background checks, sometimes you needed answers yesterday. You don’t want to waste time waiting for someone to call you back. Or to spend time trying to navigate an overly complex phone tree. Consider the value that responsive customer support from your screening partner could add in the form of time savings.

Take Your Time, Don’t Waste It

In the HR world, time is always of the essence. But that’s especially true now as HR professionals try to navigate unique challenges. Finding small ways to take some of your time back can make a big difference in the long run. By increasing background screening efficiency, you could find more time for other tasks. Consider all the ways you might improve your screening process to give yourself just a little more breathing room.

Want more time to find talent? Contact Verified Credentials today and learn more about our faster-than-most background checks.

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