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iCIMS End-to-End Virtual Hiring: A No-Sweat Way to Advance Candidates to Background Checks

Posted by Verified Credentials on Jun 17, 2020 8:12:01 AM

iCIMS and Verified Credentials | Working Together

Whether you’re bobbing in coastal waves or jumping off a dock in the land of 10,000 lakes, summer has got you looking for ways to cool off. Multiple moving parts in your human resources tech stack may have you sweating, especially as the pressure for end-to-end virtual hiring solutions continues to grow for many organizations. Bobbing in and out of multiple systems at various points in the hiring cycle may become too much.

There are many applicant tracking systems (ATS), each with unique features and functions that accumulate into a centralized experience for talent acquisition and candidates alike. Verified Credentials connects with big names in HR technology. Let’s get to know more about one of those ATS solutions. We are a proud premier partner of iCIMS for background screening solutions. If you are curious about the time to get started with iCIMS ATS, where your background checks can plug into the process, and how you can benefit from the solution, you’re in the right place!

What makes the end-to-end hiring experience perfect for employers looking to meet a growing need for a fully online hiring process? In this article, you learn about:

  • Processing perks our clients can’t get enough of
  • Custom workflows in full swing
  • Low-key path to get up and running fast

Link Arms and Jump in! Bringing All Hiring Activities Together in One System

Ready for a breath of fresh air? iCIMS and Verified Credentials unite with down-to-earth features and functions. We translate many paths to advance candidates into quick clicks and clear statuses.

Organizations that use iCIMS features to trigger these background check activities advance candidates faster through this one cohesive system. Here’s how our integrated background checks support you:

  • Place orders without leaving the iCIMS dashboard to progress candidates on the spot.
  • Select packages that match unlimited background check groupings in your Verified Credentials account.
  • Pre-populate your candidate portal with information from iCIMS, so your candidates only enter their information once.

On top of the background screening workflow, iCIMS is built to handle the many nuances of your hiring patterns, requirements, and business objectives. Your background checks and more can fit into one system.

Download a helpful overview of the Verified Credentials and iCIMS integration ››

Soak Up Custom Verified Credentials Workflows in iCIMS

Beyond the order-out, results-in exchange between the systems, Verified Credentials’ integration offers even more flexibility than the usual datapoint connections to make a background check seamless within the iCIMS dashboard.

What can be further customized? We don’t stop with the standard functions and data transfers in the iCIMS Application Programming Interface (API) if our client organization might benefit from a true-to-them feature. We’ve co-developed these new platform experiences to help get the most out of the Verified Credentials-iCIMS connection:

  1. Set up alerts for candidates with customized language and branding

Communication with candidates is core to any optimal ATS environment. What candidates see needs to be instantly recognizable as coming from you, the employer. With custom language and branding on emails to candidates triggered with a click in iCIMS, they get well on their way to a completed background check with ease and peace of mind.

  1. Trigger additional searches based on initial screening results

How you segment candidate and employee qualifications can be complicated. Some ATS platforms may limit one background check order per candidate in the virtual hiring workflow. That might not cut it for some.

Say, for example, you want an employee to pass a limited-scope “Phase 1” background check search before they get the full-bundle, “Phase 2” background check. With Verified Credentials, you can! Through a custom development project, we opened up multiple progressive packages. That means if you choose to implement this, when the first phase of screening clears, the full background check automatically triggers from your ATS. You don’t get stuck if you need to parse out candidate checks into multiple phases in the iCIMS ATS platform.

Coming in Hot! Keep Onboarding in Motion with Fast Setup

Here’s what we pledge to our clients for a worry-free setup. Our internal software development team are experts at connecting data systems. We have thousands of sources for background check information that we align with for regular, reliable status checks and information captures. We are devoted to an ecosystem of valuable background check information – and we don’t stop there. We bring that level of expertise to move through setup milestones quickly until our clients see those background check activities live and active in their iCIMS or other ATS dashboard.

We coordinate with iCIMS to rally together around a blueprint for your unique hiring workflow, stepping out your strategy for digital candidate experience between our systems. Generally, we can seamlessly sync candidate profiles and activity data between our systems within a few short weeks. Ultimately, we can help you fast-track your project.

Keep in mind, even if you are using other partners in your HR tech stack, you may find iCIMS is the missing link to enhance your talent acquisition workflow. They align with other strategic HR tech giants, including enterprise resource planning (ERP) or human capital management (HCM) partners. iCIMS can connect our background checks to your greater HR tech universe via the iCIMS platform.

Temps are climbing, and summer is here. Leave the sweating for your outdoor adventures, not from running hiring workflows that take too much work. Verified Credentials’ credo for software development and our premier partnership with iCIMS propels organizations that want to expand their human resources ecosystem. Choose your adventure, and we are ready to meet you there!

Learn more about iCIMS and request a demo of how easy it can be to bring all of your hiring tasks, including background checks, under one tech label.

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