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Remote Control 101: How Employers Are Hiring Remotely

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Are you considering making the jump to remote teams? Maybe you have already have teleworkers on your team. Companies are showing their strength and versatility with the use of technology to meet their goals in daily operations, hiring, and prospecting with potential clients. Regardless of the industry, there are many opportunities for employers to embrace remote employees and the flexibility that comes with these roles. For hiring managers, remote positions also raise questions about the hiring processes and structure for hiring managers to create more efficient workflows.  

Remote Hiring Applies to Telecommuters (and On-site Staff, Too)

Whether your open positions are virtual or traditional, moving the hiring process to a fully digital experience could benefit everyone. Some of the potential benefits that technology provides to the recruiting and pre-hire process include:

  • High-visibility online job boards and applications pay off – Maximize how candidates can find you. If you are hiring for “remote work,” including it in the title could provide increased draw.
  • Less scheduling conflicts for interviews – Job candidates can interview from anywhere, potentially reducing late night / early morning interviews.
  • Post-job offer steps could be easier – Minimize trips to the office ahead of an official start date to complete paperwork.

Before an employee starts with your organization, they are not on-site, and, depending on your organization’s processes, they may not have to be. It could make sense to keep the entire hiring process online if you can for the convenience for you and well-qualified candidates you hope to bring in the (virtual) door.


Which Industries are Embracing Remote Workers and Hiring?

According to OwlLabs, 62% of U.S.-based employees work remotely at some frequency. Although this may vary from industry to industry, there have been leaders within the work-from-home movement that showcase the capabilities of tech-driven teams.

According to Virtual Vocations, the top employers among remote teams include:

  • Information Technology
  • Healthcare
  • Sales
  • Project Management
  • Customer Service


Remote Hiring Tools Other Employers Use

Beyond daily operations, technology has proven to be HR’s friend in recent years. As highlighted in our Pre-Hire Systems and Tools report, there are many ways hiring managers are utilizing integrations and tools to improve their workflow.

Prospecting in the Digital World

Taking advantage of digital hiring trends doesn’t just mean your standard 9 to 5, but could also include attending and holding recruitment events. Healthcare leaders Humana recently showcased their hiring innovation by holding a virtual job fair to attract talent. In human resources, you already utilize technology in your everyday lives, so it is a natural fit that your strategy aligns to promote organizational goals and flexibility to potential candidates. 

Embracing Video Interviewing

Remote teams have already discovered the efficiency of video interviewing and meetings; however, traditional employers also see growth with this tool. According to the report on pre-hire systems from and Verified Credentials, 26% of employers use video technology for interviews, which has swelled in recent months. As a result, teleconferencing app downloads (Zoom, Skype, WeChat, and Slack) have grown nearly five-fold since January.  

Assessing Skills from a Distance

When it comes to digital onboarding, it’s essential to have a thorough understanding of your candidate’s skills, abilities, and overall culture fit—but it does come with additional considerations. When you can’t meet with a person face-to-face, it’s key to understand how you’ll measure the values that matter most to your organization.

Some of the ways digital hiring leaders assess candidates include:

  • Compatibility
  • Skills
  • Core Values
  • Self-Motivation
  • Technical Exercises

Simplifying Onboarding

Now more than ever, technology allows organizations to meet labor demands and promote efficient onboarding for candidates. With web-based systems and integrated ATS services, employers have been using their tools, including background checks, to their advantage to continue their flow seamlessly.

Similarly, self-service portals, like Verified Credentials’ Candidate Verification Center (CVC), allow candidates to safely initiate and complete their background check requirements and view important updates without immediate HR interaction. In the end, this means less worrying about your candidate’s progress and more time to focus on your upcoming projects.


Getting Your Remote-Friendly Hiring Process in Place

As organizations transform with the use of technology, employers understand that these tools are vital to support business goals. Regardless of your remote capabilities, digital tools and resources can help both traditional and virtual teams to grow, manage, and promote productivity.

When organizations need hiring processes that promote productivity with minimal interference, Verified Credentials supports your day-to-day activities with critical information and personal support to help you achieve your goals—no matter where you are.

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