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Estimated Delivery Dates for Background Checks Could Help Keep You Informed

Posted by Verified Credentials on Dec 8, 2021 4:04:11 PM


When planning for onboarding new team members, it could be important to set expectations and keep everyone on the same page. Verified Credentials developed a tool to help HR teams be more prepared than ever –estimated delivery dates.

This new addition to Verified Credentials Employee® predicts a range of dates when a candidate’s background check is most likely to be complete. Let’s look at some of the top benefits of estimated delivery dates for background checks.

Next level tracking that’s upfront

You may be looking for more than a general progress bar to indicate where a background check is. Verified Credentials’ estimated delivery dates does just that. Estimated delivery dates predict a window when a candidate’s background check is most likely to complete. All estimated delivery dates are:

  • Informed by smart data and real turnaround times for a specific search, verification, and even search area.
  • Live with up-to-the-minute updates and only reflects the remaining background checks, not those already completed.
  • Match what candidates see so everyone is watching the same progress.

It even includes a calendar view for added clarity. And it’s all accessible 24/7 for information on the go.

We provide more details than common ways to assess delivery time with new delivery statuses. You get more than a high-level status that an order is “In Progress.” Plus, you can eliminate the need to drill into each of your candidate’s background checks to create your own estimated time remaining based on what searches are in progress. Verified Credentials does the work for you!

Transparency for internal stakeholders

Hiring cycles often involve tight schedules. With multiple milestones – from interviews, assessments, onboarding, and screening – accounting for every minute and day could make a difference. You may not be the only one in your organization eager to get the new hire in the door. As staffing shortages continue to challenge so many, you might be feeling the pressure from hiring managers and others to get people started as soon as possible. Estimated delivery dates could help you relay clear timeframes to everyone involved. It’s always better when expectations are aligned!

Give stakeholders an estimated timeframe they may anticipate the candidate’s background check results. This could potentially allow stakeholders the chance to have an estimate on when they can plan for onboarding a new team member.

Candidates like to know where they stand

A 2019 Talentegy survey found that over 60% of applicants aren’t satisfied with how employers communicate during the hiring process. When it comes to communication, estimated delivery dates could improve the candidate experience. An employment background check may create anxiety for candidates. Unclear wait time for results might even increase those feelings. Estimated delivery dates give employers a predicted timeframe that they can use as a reference for when a candidate’s background check is most likely to complete. A simple look at the candidate’s estimated delivery date, and you have an informed touchpoint that could help keep candidates feeling confident.

Candidates may appreciate the added level of transparency that estimated delivery dates offer. Employers could even find they spend less time following up with candidates on their background checks progress.

Stay in the know

When you have a lot on your plate, clear timelines can help you plan. But the process has other key players. Keeping everyone - internal stakeholders and the candidate – informed and aligned can potentially go a long way. While many factors could influence background check turnaround time, including, but not limited to, the searches you order, jurisdictions searched, and other factors, Verified Credentials’ new background check estimated delivery dates could help keep everyone on a consistent timeline.

Schedule a demo to see how you can monitor clear delivery dates for your candidates. Verified Credentials can help you hire confidently with background check delivery estimates.

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