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Benchmark Report: HR Spotlight on Compliance & Employment Law

Posted by Verified Credentials on Apr 18, 2023 3:34:46 PM

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Compliance is one of the top human resource issues employers need help to grasp. It’s also one of the most crucial areas for HR to understand.

Recently, Verified Credentials sponsored the State of Legal, Compliance and Employment Law, 2022-23 report. This report shows that most HR pros believe their business is equipped to handle compliance-related issues. On top of that, eight out of ten respondents believe the focus on the area will increase through 2025.

So, where might they strengthen their focus? Read the report to see where most employers might seek improvements.             


Keeping up with compliance can take a lot of time

While most survey respondents say their company stays on top of the latest in compliance, it can be time-consuming. Nearly a third say they spend over half their week dedicated to this area alone. The good news is that some of this time may be saved by integrating or automating it within your HR system, just like you do in your background check platform.

Verified Credentials helps employers meet some of their background screening compliance demands. Our Candidate Verification Center (CVC) allows employers to publish and manage their own custom documents, including disclosure and authorization forms, as well as other documents they may require. Our CVC also makes it easy for candidates to sign documents digitally from any device.

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Most employers lack a well-documented strategy

Internal communication has the potential to make or break your compliance initiatives. Believe it or not, less than half of employers have a well-documented, widely understood strategy.


Automating parts of your compliance process, like a built-in pre-adverse and adverse action process, may help keep everyone on the same page. But sometimes, it comes down to simply putting together a guide that can be distributed and frequently updated. Much like you might do with the start of a background screening program, a review with a trusted legal advisor can be a good place to start.

See what tactics other teams like yours take with their compliance process in the full report ››

Laws and regulations are constantly changing

About 75% of employers say they stay up to date with the ever-changing world of employment law. But among the challenges noted in this area are the “growing scope of federal and state HR-related mandates” and “changing interpretations of . . . laws.”


Some businesses lean heavily on membership in business associations. Some rely on outside legal and compliance experts to stay informed. Others may even choose to follow legal changes on their own.

Verified Credentials keeps clients informed when we identify significant changes in the law that may our impact our clients. Resources, user guides, and training may be provided for major compliance-related system upgrades or other significant legal updates. Our reference library is regularly updated to reflect relevant changes in the background screening process.

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While there are some significant findings from the State of Compliance report, there is more to see, so download the complete report now to get all the data ››

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