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How to Align Background Checks and Hiring Goals to Prepare for Growth

Posted by Verified Credentials on May 21, 2020 8:00:00 AM

Prepare for business growth

Have you been thinking about your goals for your next round of hires? It may be just the time to start thinking about future staffing needs and how your background screening strategy can keep up.

Scaling up and down quickly to accommodate busy seasons is second nature for some industries, but more employers across industries are looking for ways to welcome new employees, sometimes quickly. We are tracking influences on hiring trends and ways to modify your background checks to prepare for growth. See what we learned:

Watching Changing Hiring Trends – and Growth

As unemployment rises, so does competition between candidates—and this can be great news for employers looking to add to their team. It may mean that more skilled candidates are on the job hunt. As a result, your candidate selection and hiring processes may have to be more agile to adapt to this influx.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, unemployment has increased throughout multiple industries, potentially creating a more competitive job market for labor seekers. Additionally, 61% of polled National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) partners reported that they plan to recruit graduates in the fall at the same rate as they did in 2019. These numbers don’t lie—the future is indicating it could soon be an employer’s market.

Another hiring trend forecasted is the mass hiring in certain industries in response to economic demands. Some of the industries are quickly growing in number, with delivery services, home improvement stores, and major retailers among those facing increasing hiring demands.

Transforming Screening Packages to Meet New Needs

How has your hiring process changed since the last round of hires? Chances are what comes next may look different. If you suspect your organization has outgrown previous approaches, now comes a breath to help bring change.

You may find that your screening services may not be a good fit for your organization’s growth. Whether or not you fall within the quickly growing industries, it’s still worth taking a second look at how your background screening packages align with whom you expect to hire. According to Verified Credentials’ research, 87% of companies organize their background screenings by packages. However, a recent survey by Verified Credentials found that 69% of employers can’t remember when they last reviewed or haven’t reviewed their packages in multiple years.

In addition to ease and consistency for hiring managers, getting qualification and liability requirements for particular roles built into pre-set packages is a helpful business practice. Consider the job positions you will need to fill in the months ahead and the specific needs of those positions. Is your current screening up for the task? If not, at Verified Credentials, we are always ready to help our clients develop their own customized packages to fit their needs.

How customized screening packages keep up with your hiring needs:

  • Optimize products and settings for any department, job role, location, and more.
  • 100% configurable to your needs and will help you convert your hiring requirements into ready-to-order options.
  • Add or update packages at any time on the fly. Modify as needed because we're here for you.

Scaling Up Background Screening to Hire Quickly

When you need to hire teams quickly, placing orders one-by-one might not be the best solution. Depending on the cadence of your expected future hiring, you may want to look into efficiency-boosting processes. One way to accommodate a planned or unexpected influx of new hires is to utilize ordering tools to submit multiple candidates or employees at once for bulk background checks. One order with all names and ordering information is all you need, then wait for the background check results to roll in. You can get them all back in one downloadable report if you want to sort background report results quickly.

Even if this is a solution you’ve never needed before, it’s easy to initiate. It eliminates wasted time to enter multiple candidate orders individually. Much easier than spending 5-10 minutes per candidate on getting orders going. Less waiting for candidates, and you – always a win!

Be where you are. But be prepared for what’s next. Growth is a welcome companion to any organization, even more so when you are ready for it. If you don’t tune your background screening strategy into where your business objectives are, you may find keeping up with growth more challenging. Simple changes to prepare for a competitive job market, gear up for new roles, and pace for big hiring pushes are within reach.

Want to learn more about making your organization’s hiring process more agile and resilient? Please schedule a consultation to learn about how we can help you prepare for growth and the right screening tools that can work for you.

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