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Cleaning Up HR Processes: How Report Adjudication Helps Sort Background Check Results Systemwide

Posted by Verified Credentials on Sep 25, 2019 8:20:00 AM

Tidy Up With Background Check Adjudication

Reviewing background check results can sometimes feel overwhelming. Routing results to the right decision makers and knowing if someone objectively satisfies hiring criteria across hundreds and thousands of job candidates is no easy task. Enter the Marie Kondo-esque approach to evaluating background checks, known as Report Scoring or report auto-adjudication services. The “magic of tidying up” your screening processes can give your team a clear picture of evaluation criteria and neat and obvious paths forward to sort those job candidates into new hire categories.

Report scoring turns the review process into a streamlined task with:

  • Objective criteria that meets unique organizational protocol
  • Color code indicators that are easily recognized and broadly understood
  • Workflow procedures that create consistency and compliance

How tidying up helps HR teams

Just like labeled tabs in a file cabinet, or a newly organized closet, you can see grouping by color codes that indicate unique course of action specific to your organization. You provide a set of criteria based on your company’s policies and when it matches what’s found on a final report, the result is highlighted with a specific color. Your criteria might include things like type of offense or discrepancies in past employment. It’s really about makes most sense to your organization’s procedures. Seeing the color indicating a match to your criteria allows you to quickly address next steps and give more attention to reports that may need further review.

Just like your criteria, the color codes and their meaning are entirely up to you. When your team sees a color code, they’ll instantly know what to do next based on the rule you associate with each color. One thing to keep in mind is that report scoring is a useful highlighter, not a decision-maker. This simple marker might designate whether to move the candidate to the next stage of the hiring process, escalate the report for individual assessment, or take some other action. Color codes are completely customizable, so you can adjust indicators as you see fit.

Decluttering background report reviews

In addition to saving time, report scoring could add a level of consistency to your screening program by decluttering your background report evaluation process. Because each report is automatically checked against the same set of criteria, your organization’s policies and procedures become plainly visible to your hiring team. Everyone remains on the same page, even those spanning across departments, locations, or other business units.

Developing tactics to keep hiring practices uniform helps you mitigate compliance risks for your organization. If you can show that you have documented, regular steps and a rationale for evaluating background check results, your risk decreases.

Bring on new hires that “spark joy” faster

You may be able to do just that by adding report scoring to your background check process. According to a Verified Credentials’ study, clients that used report scoring saved up to 96% of the time it normally takes to review their background reports.

The value of report scoring can go a long way, especially for organizations with near constant hiring cycles that include thousands of background check results to review. In one case, a construction company with thousands of employees wanted to enable candidates with driving violations to complete specific training that would keep them eligible for the position. The company needed to move those applicants with driving infractions into the training program quickly and recruiters needed to be able to adjust indicators after candidates completed the training. With a custom report scoring solution in place, recruiters and HR staff were able to accurately assess all candidates and speed up the hiring process, all while maintaining compliance with hiring laws.

The success this large company saw isn’t uncommon when report scoring is added to a background screening program. By streamlining the report review process, report scoring could offer a time-saving and risk mitigating solution to the report review process for companies of all sizes. With the Kondo method in mind, you can help keep a tidy background check evaluation process. You just might feel the life-changing magic that report scoring can do for your daily reviews of job candidates.

Want to cut the time you spend reviewing background reports by up to 96%? Contact Verified Credentials to see how our innovative report scoring solution could significantly increase the efficiency of your hiring process.

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