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3 min read

Screening to Prepare for Healthcare Industry Surges

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Hiring in healthcare is a unique challenge. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that an aging population will increase the demand for skilled workers in the coming years. They predict industry growth of 15% by 2029. It would be a growth rate that surpasses the average of all sectors and one that could result in a workforce shortage.

Candidates in the field dedicate their lives to serving others in some of the most difficult circumstances. Attracting that type of high-level, committed talent can be tough. On top of that, the industry needs diverse skills, experience, and roles. Human resources teams in the field have adapted by leveraging technology and workflow tools, including background checks.

This is no surprise to us at Verified Credentials. The healthcare industry makes up the large majority of our clients, and they have for many years. Through talks over the years and our inside research, we’ve identified themes in how hiring teams in healthcare settings find success like:

  • Healthcare specific solutions that meet smart screening tactics
  • Screening account set-up for easy ordering
  • Products to match a large global workforce
  • Using a wide range of background checks

Solutions for Compliance

The healthcare industry is heavily regulated. Depending on the location and job function, that could include licensing or education requirements. Federal laws are only one standard that healthcare employers must meet. States often have additional requirements. HR staff is left to manage these at the time of hire. In some cases, they also must complete recurring checks.

We see healthcare companies using bulk screening services to meet reoccurring needs, like a FACIS® (Fraud and Abuse Control Information System) search. Our research shows that half use this search to find exclusions, sanctions, debarments, and other disciplinary actions. A hospital might complete this annually for the required employees while another may choose biannual searches. Employers select the search cadence and roles that meet their specific situation.

Not only does bulk screening help employers remain in compliance, but it can also save them loads of time. Instead of ordering individual checks for each employee, employers only place one order. If you employ tens or hundreds of people in these roles, that can really add up.

Set Up for Success

Healthcare providers can employ a significant range of roles. From physicians to maintenance to administrative teams to nurses. The background checks needed for one position might look entirely different for another. A smart approach to your background checks can save confusion down the line.

Some might decide a package structure can help them keep things sorted. Employers can arrange background check packages by the job role, site location, or other factors. Setting up pre-built order selections can limit questions about what background checks you need for each candidate.

Others leverage technology partnerships, like connecting their background check with their applicant tracking system (ATS.) We have a relationship with the leading ATS solutions, including niche platforms like HealthcareSource, to make it even simpler. Once set up, ordering background checks can be done right from the ATS dashboard. One less stop for you on the road to hire.

The Global Nature of Healthcare

We live in a global workforce. The healthcare industry is certainly a leader in this area. Reuters has reported that almost 17 percent of healthcare professionals were born outside of the United States. This includes a quarter of physicians. These professionals may bring years of experience to the States. When they continue their careers here, their new employers may be interested in verifying their history abroad.

According to Verified Credentials research, almost 40% of healthcare organizations use international searches. International academic verifications make up the largest group of orders, followed by international criminal and job history searches.

Surprise Solutions in High Use

While roles may create variable screening packages in healthcare organizations, we still see some common use trends industry-wide. Here is what an average healthcare background check might look like:

Healthcare Industry Average Background Check

Most of this is probably no surprise. Searches like County Criminal History, National Sex Offender Registry, and the National Criminal Database are among the top used by all industries. The healthcare industry is also uniquely positioned to use more industry-specific products, like a FACIS® Report and professional license checks.

Our internal research also discovered a less predictable trend, with over half of healthcare companies searching driving records. This industry is also one of the top users of domestic education and work history verifications.

In many ways, HR in healthcare is faced with many variables to find talent. With a more and more competitive market on the horizon, utilizing technology and candidate-friendly workflows could make all the difference in attracting a vast range of skills.

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